1. Get organized

Fabric can pile up pretty quickly, making you forget all that you have. An easy way to put your best foot forward in 2017 is to give your sewing materials a good clean out! It’s probably time to part ways with that one pattern you swore you would find a project for years ago and make space for new styles.

2. Create a fabric inventory

Once you’ve done the clean out, organize your fabrics and create an inventory to keep track of everything you have. That way, when you aren’t sure if you’ll have enough material to finish that one project you can just consult your handy inventory instead of digging through your stash.

3. Take a class

Taking a class is a great way to break out of your sewing bubble and meet people who love the same things you do! Maybe you want to learn a new skill or maybe you just want to perfect an old one, taking a class is a good way to remind yourself that there’s always more to learn.

4. Create a list of things you want to make in 2017 … and actually make them!

It’s easy to scroll through Pinterest and lose yourself in the project possibilities, but instead of pinning your dreams away, actually create them! Start by making a list of projects you want to create and one by one, check them off. I’m not sure what’s more gratifying: admiring your finished work or crossing another project off a to-do list!

5. Wear your creations

For the amount of money you spend on materials and the countless hours you put in making sure your creations come out just right, you might as well wear them! You never know, your styles and trends might catch on and then you’ve got yourself a whole new hobby!

6. Create for charity

Using your talent and skill to benefit a good cause can be such a rewarding feeling. Let 2017 be the year you share your creations with those less fortunate and I promise your heart will be full!

7. Learn a new technique

The world we live in today is moving pretty quickly, don’t let yourself get left in the dust by not keeping up with the ever-changing trends. Everyone says it, “New Year, new you,” but maybe 2017 could really be the year you revamp your skills and get ahead of the curve.

8. Go through your stash

As exciting as it is to purchase new fabric and patterns every time you want to start a new project, that can become costly and eventually lead to developing some hoarding tendencies. In 2017, try to use every piece of fabric you buy! Find a purpose for each pattern and watch your stacks of material dwindle, which also gives you more space for new stuff! See, it evens out.

9. Boost your social presence

Social media is growing at such a rapid pace, letting people from all over the world connect on the same topics. If you don’t already have a social media channel that you share your sewing projects on, perhaps 2017 is the year you start one! And if you already use social media, then maybe set a goal to reach a certain amount of followers by the end of the year or increase your page’s engagement by a certain percentage. Developing your own hashtag for your creations could also be a great way to step up your social game.

10. Take on a challenge

Make yourself branch outside of your sewing comfort zone in 2017 by taking on that project that will test your sewing competence and expand your skill set. Setting a challenging goal for yourself at the start of the year gives you the rest of the 365 days to study up and complete your task.