Sometimes your little kitchen helper makes a bit of a mess while working their kitchen magic. With this little apron and hat they can look the part and keep their clothes protected. Our Kellogg’s fabric is absolutely perfect for this project and completes this classic kitchen ensemble!

Supplies and Tools: 

Seam allowance 1/4”

  • 1 yd. Frooty Loops fabric
  • 1 yd. coordinating fabric
  • Fusible interfacing – med weight
  • 1 D-Ring 5/8” package


Children’s apron: Frooty Loops fabric:

  • Cut one 10 1⁄2”x 24” rectangle piece of fabric from the main fabric. Follow the instructions on the apron pattern for cutting.
  • The gray circles indicate points you should measure and mark from theScreen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.20.52 AM upper left corner. See diagram on back.
  • Draw a curve through the four points you marked.
  • Cut along the curve line – bib.
  • Cut the fabric 1 1⁄2” below the bib.

Coordinating fabric:

  • Cut one 3- 1/2” x 28” strip of solid fabric – neck strap
  • Cut two 3” x 25” strips of solid fabric – ties
  • Cut one 3” x 4” of solid fabric – loop
  • Cut one 2” x 21” piece of solid fabric – band
  • Cut two 7” x 14” pieces of solid fabric – pockets.


  1. Place the band and the bib right sides together matching raw edges and stitch across the length.
  2. Place the Skirt right sides together with the band and stitch across the length – apron.
  3. Fold the pockets in half right sides together along the 14” length to create a 7” square. Sew down one side and across the bottom, turn inside out and press. Follow the instructions on the apron pattern on how to do the bib for the pockets.
  4. Serge or zigzag along the raw edges of the pockets and stitch the ricrac over the stitched area.
  5. Pin a pocket at the band line on each side of the front of the apron and stitch in place leaving open the area where the ricrac begins and ends for the pocket openings.
  6. Serge or zigzag stitch around perimeter of the apron.
  7. Fold the edges of the apron under and stitch in place around perimeter. Set-aside for now.
  8. Fold the neck strap along the long edges in half right sides together and press.
  9. Sew along the folded edge taper off at the end. See diagram below. Repeat for the ties and loop.
  10. Take the loop fabric and loop it through the two D-rings.
  11. Tack the ends of the loops together.
  12. Pin the D-ring loop at the left top edge of the apron and stitch in place.
  13. Pin the raw edges of the neck strap at the right top edge of the apron and stitch in place.
  14. Pin a tie on each side of the apron at the band line and stitch in place (double stitch to reinforce the ties). Repeat for the other tie.


Instructions:Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.29.55 AM

  1. Cut one 12” square for main fabric.
  2. Cut one 22” x 6” strip for the coordinating fabric.
  3. Cut one 22” x 3” strip from the interfacing.
  4. Fold the 22” x 6” strip in half, tuck the interfacing in-between the fabricand press in place – band.
  5. Fold the band in half right sides together matching raw edges and stitch the short ends together. Press seam open.
  6. Sew a gathering stitch around the perimeter of the main fabric. Gather the fabric to the measurement of the band and tie the ends to secure.
  7. Pin the gathered fabric and the band right sides together, matching raw edges and stitch in place.

Skill Level: Some experience necessary 

Crafting Time: 3 – 4 hours