Low on bed room storage and everything is shoved under the bed? It happens to everyone. Especially during the Christmas season, kids are inundated with presents big and small so some of them are bound to find a home on the floor. (Contrary to popular belief, monsters don’t live under the bed—toys do!) That may never change, but at least you can find a cute solution to the mess! Storage not an issue? This adorable bedskirt project is a nice accompaniment to our other bedding projects and adds a finishing touch to the whole room.Mapped - Bedroom3_fleece

Like the other bedroom projects we have available, this one requires few materials. You’ll need:

  • 75 yards of cotton fabric (for bedskirt panels)
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • 25 yards of muslin with a 45” width (for deck of bedskirt)

*Leave ½” seam allowance

First, you’ll want to cut your materials so they’ll be ready to go when you need them. Cut the following:

  • Bedskirt deck: 1 piece muslin that measures 40” x 76”
  • Side panels: 4 pieces cotton that measure 15” x 48”
  • Bedskirt bottom panel: 2 pieces cotton that measure 15” x 29”

Using the muslin bedskirt deck, take the raw edge and fold it under ½ inch. Press and top stitch.

Take two (2) side panel pieces with right sides facing each other and sew together the sides. Place the raw edge of the openings on each end and fold in ½” before you press and top stitch.

bed skirtTurn under the top raw edge 2” before pressing and basting in place. The bottom edge will be turned under 1” before you press and topstitch.

To make the pleat, you’ll place a 6” mark on each side of the center seam. You can press this to make folds, as you’ll need to bring them in to meet at the center seam. Pin this in place and baste across the top.

Repeat for the other side.

Make sure the right sides of the fabric are facing each other and then sew the two (2) end sections together. You will then want to stitch the hem and pleat, the same as you did with the side panels.

You now have all components ready for assembly!

Sew the side panels to the side of the deck and the bottom panel to the bottom.