The days and weeks following Christmas are chock full of chaos. You’re still finding remnants of wrapping paper under the couch and walking through your home is like an obstacle course. Toys are everywhere! If you’ve got a few minutes while the kids are battling with robots, work on this project to make cleaning up just a little more fun.

You can tailor this to whatever you like! Use your child’s favorite Disney or Hasbro character for one of these bins or make each storage box emblematic of what’s supposed to go inside!


You’ll want to make sure you have these materials before you begin:

  • 1 yard of fabric
  • Craft glue
  • Two (2) photo boxes

Measure around the outside of the box (without the lid), taking into account the height and width of the box. Cut a piece of fabric that corresponds to the measurements of the box, but make sure to leave a 1” fabric allowance (meaning, you’ll want to cut it 1” larger than you need on all sides).

Brush the exterior of the box with the craft glue. Make sure to take off any stickers or tags first!

Going one side at a time, gently lay the fabric over the glued box and smooth out. Continue for each side of the box until the exterior is fully covered. You should have a little extra fabric hanging from the sides. You can either cut these fabric pieces off completely or fold and glue them inside the box or on the underside of the box.

To finish, you can cut out shapes from the fabric and glue on to the top of the box lid. You can also leave it blank if you like. Repeat the above steps for the second box.


This project is such an easy-to-make solution for any Christmas clutter in your home. Already have a plan for holiday toy storage? Use these covered storage boxes for craft supplies!