soft-baby-mobleSUPPLIES & TOOLS:
Daisy Kingdom fabric collection:

  • 1/4 yd. Petit Royale Patches
  • 12″ Metal Macramé Ring
  • 3 yds. Ribbon 1/2″ width
  • 3 yds. Cording
  • Fray Check
  • Hook
  • Polyfil
  • Thread/sewing needle
  • Scissors


  • Fussy cut front and back shapes from the fabric, apply Fray Check to the outer edges of the shapes to prevent the fabric from unraveling.
  • Sew the front and backs together leaving a 2″ opening for stuffing.
  • Stuff polyfil in the opening and cut strips of cording at different lengths. Insert cording strips into the openings and stitch closed. Tie the other end to the metal ring = mobile.
  • Cut four 36″ lengths of ribbon and tie them to the mobile.
  • Measure 12″ up from the ring and knot the ribbon together. Braid the ribbon 5″ and knot again. Tie a loop at the end of the ribbon for hanging.
  • Hang the mobile from the ceiling, using your judgement on placement and never hang the mobile low enough for a baby to reach.

Skill Level:  Some experience necessary
Approximate Crafting Time: Varies