The pattern for this darling quilt is a good way to use up extra fabric in a fun, colorful way. Use leftover fabric from the Pinwheel Pillow project for a matching set. If you’ve got scrap pieces left over, use those instead for an eclectic look. The best part about quilts is that you can tailor the colors to match any scheme in your home. This can also make a great gift, keepsake, or present for yourself!

You’ll need the following materials:1-Quilt_Finished

  • Nine (9) pieces of fabric in varying colors/patterns that measure 1 yard each
  • 5 yards of solid color fabric
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Batting
  • Square quilting ruler measuring 8 1/2”

*WOF = Width of Fabric
* Leave ¼” seam allowance

You’ll begin by cutting two (2) strips from each of the fabrics that measure 2” x WOF. You’ll have a total of 16 strips. Sew the strip sets together using the diagram below or design your own pattern.


From the strip sets, cut out 48 squares that measure 8 ½” (refer to Block A in the diagram below). You’ll also want to cut out 24 triangles from the top and bottom rows lining the blocks (see Blocks B for example). Separate the top and bottom triangles into separate piles. The first 48 blocks you cut will be referred to individually as Block A.

Using one top and one bottom triangle, sew the pieces together to make a block. Do this with all of the triangles, so you end up with 12 blocks. After you’ve completed this step arrange the blocks according to your diagram (or you may use the final project picture at the top of this tutorial!). These 12 squares will be referred to individually as Block B.

Take a Block B and sew the top row to match the seams and corners. Do this also for the bottom row.

Using four (4) Block A squares, sew together to create 12 block sets as shown in the diagram.

These block sets will be sewn together to create three (3) rows. Sew rows 1-2 and 4-5 before assembling.

Layer the quilt with the batting and backing before binding.