Our Exploding Tardis fabric is perfect for an iPad cover. You can make it yourself, in just a few steps.

Supplies and Tools:

  • Doctor Who Fabric Collection:
    1/2 yd. Packed TARDIS cotton fabric 1/2 yd. Exploding TARDIS cotton fabric
  • 1/2 yd. Batting
  • 30″ sport zipper
  • Ruler & chalk pencil
  • Sew machine & basic sewing supplies


  1. Cut 18” x 14” piece of each fabric.
  2. Sandwich the batting between the fabrics with the right side of the fabricfacing out, and quilt the fabrics together.
  3. Use the ruler & chalk pencil to draw a line from one corner of the fabricto the opposite corner. Repeat drawing lines parallel to this at one-inchapart intervals.
  4. Stitch on all of the chalk lines using a long stitch length. Repeat stepfrom the opposite corners to create diamond grid.
  5. Trim the quilted sandwich to a 12” x 17” rectangle, fold in half and press.
  6. Apply the zipper to the three open sides of the fabric; trim the fabric rawedges or zigzag for a finished edge.