If you’ve ever spent any time searching your sofa cushions for multiple remotes, only to find them accidentally placed in the fridge or hidden under the rug, then this craft is perfect for you! Our Doctor Who fabric is perfect for this remote control holder. Find it at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores!

Supplies and Tools:

  • Doctor Who Fabric Collection:

3/8 yd. Many Faces of Doctor Who

3/4 yd. British Flag Tardis

3/4 yd. Doctor Who Icons Glow In The Dark

  • Binding
  • 3/8 yd. Batting
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


  1. Cut two 13-1/2″x44″ each for the British Flag Tardis and Doctor Who Icons Glow In The Dark fabric.
  2. Place the two matching fabrics right sides together and stitch in place along the 13-1/2″ side. Repeat for the other two fabric pieces. Cut the two pieces of fabric and batting13-1/2″x50″.
  3. Sandwich the batting between the two fabrics right sides facing out.
  4. Quilt as desired and square up the sides to 12-1/2″x48″ – panel.
  5. Cut one 12-1/2″ square from the Many Faces of Doctor Who. Fold the square in half wrong sides together and press – pocket.
  6. Align the long raw edges of the pocket binding with the upper raw edge of the pocket and stitch in place.
  7. Measure 12″ up from the bottom of the panel and mark. Place the pocket on the mark matching raw edges and topstitch in place along the bottom of the pocket.
  8. Measure 4″ over from the raw edges on each side and trace a line down the pocket. Topstitch on the line to create three pockets and stitch down the pockets again to reinforce the seams.
  9. Stitch the binding around perimeter of panel.
  10. Fold the panel over to the backside at the bottom of the pocket and topstitch across the top of the folded edge 1/8″ in to create a magazine pocket. Stitch again to reinforce the seams and press.
  11. Hang the Remote Control Pocket over the arm of the couch making sure the remote pocket is facing out and tuck the flap down the side of the couch under the cushion. All done! 

Skill Level:  Some experience necessary

Approximate Crafting Time: Varies