FROZEN_towelHelping kids keep up with their stuff is not always easy, especially when you are trekking to the beach everyday. This Sunbathing buddy could be your perfect solution! Using our “Disney Frozen Olaf Summer” fabric, you can make your kid or grandkids this cute and practical towel holder.

1-1.4 yds. of Disney’s Olaf summer fabric
90″ of webbing 1” wide
Poly-Fil stuffing
1 – Over sized bath towel
Basic sewing supplies
Sewing Machine

Cut one 12″x 24″ piece of fabric – pillow
Cut one 8-1/2″x 23″piece of fabric – organizer pocket
Cut one 6″ by width of towel (short side) piece of fabric, add 1″ to measurement – border
Cut one 14″ sq. piece of fabric. Cut this piece in half diagonally (corner to corner) – 2 corner pockets


Note: Make sure the fabric is facing the right direction before sewing…

Seam allowance 1/4″

  1. Fold the raw edges of the pillow fabric under 1/2″ to the wrong side around perimeter and press in place. Repeat for the remaining fabric pieces.
  2. Topstitch 1/4″ in on the diagonal side of the corner pockets.
  3. Position the corner pockets right side up on both corners of the towel and pin in place. Topstitch 1/8″ in down both sides of the corner pocket leaving the center open for the pocket. Repeat for the other corner pocket.
  4. Position the border right side up on the other side of the towel, pin in place and topstitch around perimeter.
  5. Topstitch 1/4″ in along the top of the organizer pocket (this will be the opening).
  1. Measure 3-1/2″ up from the border and mark the spot. Center the organizer pocket at the mark, with the top of the pocket aligned with the border and pin in place. Topstitch 1/8″ in down the sides and across the bottom.
  2. Measure 6″ in on each side of the pocket, mark the spot and topstitch on the lines to create three separate pockets.
  3. Center the pillow at the top on the side that the corner pockets are on and pin in place. Topstitch around perimeter leaving a 6″ opening for stuffing.
  4. Stuff the pillow with the poly-fil and stitch opening closed.
  5. Stitch the webbing together to create a circle but making sure not to get the webbing twisted.
  6. Position the webbing over the stitch lines of the organizer pocket leaving 25″ of the webbing on the border side and the remainder on the other side of the pocket and pin in place on the pocket. Topstitch down the center of the webbing.

*With the pillow facing up just fold the sides in and rollup the towel snuggly flip the longer strap over to the other side and you are ready to go.