susannicol_tentBack in February, when the weather was cold and everyone just wanted to curl up under a blanket, our Fabric of the Week was this Susan Nicol camping print. Well, if you’ve been waiting on a tutorial for this adorable project.


5 yds Fabric A
3/4 yd Fabric B
3/4 yd Fabric C
6 yds coordinating 1″ ribbon
1 pkg Stitch Witchery®: Heavy
Tent: 2 pkgs .44 grommets with tool
Sit-Upon: 2 pkgs 1″ snap-on grommets
16″ pillow form
Duct tape
Marking pen
Iron & ironing surface
Tent Posts: Three 48″ PVC pipes, broom handles or cardboard tubes

WOF = Width of Fabric

1. Cut three 60″ x WOF from Fabric A.
2. Place fabric right sides together along the selvedges, and use the Stitch Witchery® to bond the fabric to create one large tent piece.
3. Press top raw edge under 10″ and bottom raw edge under 1″. Use Stitch Witchery® under the raw edge to permanently hold in place.
4. Measure 9″ down from center top edge of the tent. Mark the location for a grommet. Measure and mark every 6″ from the center for a total of 17 marks. Attach grommets on each mark, following the package directions.
5. Cut 2 yds of ribbon. Thread ribbon in & out through the grommets.
6. Assembly: Arrange the 3 posts in a tripod; duct tape in place where they intersect. Drape tent fabric over tripod, gather the tent & tie the ribbon. Adjust fabric to cover the tent posts.susannicol_situpon

1. Cut a 24″ square from Fabric B.
2. Cut a 24″ square from Fabric C.
3. Press raw edge under 1″ around perimeter on both squares. Use Stitch Witchery® under the raw edge to permanently hold in place.
4. On both squares, measure in 2″ from the edge of each corner & the center of each side. Mark the location for grommets. Each square requires eight marks for grommets.
5. Attach grommets to each square, following package instructions.
6. Place the Fabric C square on a flat surface. Center pillow form on top. Place the Fabric B on top of the pillow form with right side of the fabric facing up. Lace ribbon in & out through the grommets & around the pillow twice. Tie a ribbon bow.