TMNT curtains

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These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fabric are the perfect way to add a decorative flair to your little one’s room! Fabric available at


  • 4 yds. Heroes In A Half Shell Toss cotton fabric
  • 3/8 yd. of coordinating fabric
  • 2 pks. Dritz® Curtain Grommets
  • 1 pk. Dritz® Non-Woven Header Tape
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine



WOF = width of fabric

1/2″ seam allowance unless otherwise indicated

  1. Cut two 7″ x WOF strips from the coordinating fabric – curtain topper.
  2. Cut the Heroes In a Half Shell Toss in half (44″x72″) to create two curtain panels.
  3. Cut two 40″ strips from the non-woven header tape.
  4. Fold the curtain topper fabric in half (3-1/2″ x 44″) wrong sides together and press. Open fold, align the header tape on the fold line, fold the other side of fabric back over to cover the header tape and baste along fold edge – topper.
  5. Align the raw edges of the topper and curtain panel right sides together along the 44″ length and stitch in place.
  6. Fold the side and bottom edges in 1″, press, fold over again and topstitch. Repeat steps four, five and six for the other curtain.
  7. Measure 1-1/2″ down from the top and side of the top panel and mark the intersection. Repeat for the other side. Divide the remaining center portion of the curtain evenly into 6 spots and mark each spot 1-1/2″ from the top of the curtain.
  8. Place the template included in the grommet packaging so that the top and side edge of the circle aligns with the drawn lines and trace the circle template onto the curtain. Repeat for the other edge marking.
  9. Pin around each circle through all layers to ensure when you cut the layers don’t shift. Cut the circles out on the trace lines.
  10. Attach the grommets by following instructions on package.

Skill Level: Some experience necessary

Approximate Crafting Time: Varies