There’s nothing better than finding a cheap, simple DIY project to add a little flair to your home. Particularly as the holidays creep upon us, you want to make houseguests feel welcome and invited. Sure, preparing a festive meal is stressful, but you can’t have Great Aunt Edna tsk-tsking you over small things like place settings and how many cocktail forks you have on hand. If you’re low on time and still want to impress guests, try out this project! No time? Let the kids take care of the last step while you check on the turkey. This project takes no prior experience and can be done in a snap.

Placemat craft

Let’s keep this short and sweet. You’ll need some of the following:

  • 2 rolls of laminated burlap
  • 2” stencils
  • Permanent marker

You can get a little fancy with it if you have some unexpected extra time. Get stencils in fun fonts, animals, or holiday shapes. If you have colorful permanent markers on hand use those, too!

To begin, cut your burlap into 12” by 18” rectangles. How many you make is up to you!

Place your stencils over the burlap and color in with the permanent marker. You can use stencil letters to spell out dining-inspired words or the names of your guests. If you’ve got little helpers on hand, let them take charge! Who doesn’t love a purple elephant?

And voila! You’re done. You may not have any cocktail forks, but you do have pizazz and some really cute placemats.