Looking for a fun and easy DIY this holiday season, but have zero time between shopping and baking to complete anything?! Then this is for you! This project takes about an hour and can seriously make the least crafty of us look like Martha Stewart. If you don’t know what Steam-A-Seam is (I didn’t before this project), you’re going to fall in love. Now that I know what it is and how to use it, my creativity is going to run wild with all of the things I can craft using this awesome tool!

You can use a pillow cover you already own and want to spruce up or buy one just for this special project. I had an 18″x 18″ canvas pillow cover on hand so that’s what I used. I downloaded the deer head image online and found some plaid Susan Winget fabric in our design library to give the pillow a classic holiday feel.

At first, I was going to apply just the deer head cutout to the pillow, but decided the red trim would really tie it all together, and it definitely does (in my opinion)! Have fun and get creative with your pillow cover to really personalize it and make it unique!


  • Pillow cover
  • Steam-A-Seam
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Printer



1.Iron your chosen fabric and pillow cover.

2. Print out the shape you’ve chosen to embellish your pillow with and cut out.


3. Measure the size of Steam-A-Seam you need to fit your shape and cut out.

4. Peel the Steam-A-Seam’s paper off to reveal the sticky side and place on the wrong side of your fabric. Rub this in well to make sure it sticks.


5. Trace your shape onto the Steam-A-Seam paper and then cut out your shape with the fabric attached.

6. Once your shape is cut out with the fabric attached, press the shape with an iron to ensure the Steam-A-Seam bonds and let cool for 5 minutes.

7. Peel the Steam-A-Seam off the fabric. The Steam-A-Seam should have transferred the sticky side onto the fabric.

8. Place the shape onto where you want it on the pillow. You can move the shape around to get an idea of where you want it to be.

9. Once you are sure of where you want your shape to be, use your iron to press the shape onto the pillow cover. Press each part of the shape for about 15 seconds and be careful not to burn!


10. If you desire to add trim to your pillow, use a ruler to measure out your stitch marks. I made a stitch every half inch for this pillow, starting the stitches an inch up and in from the seams.

11. Stuff your pillow with a pillow form and you’re done!