In honor of Pi Day, a day in which we celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) (and eat lots of pie), we’re sharing a fun DIY project with y’all! A pie potholder!! It’s so hard to choose our favorite pie, so we went with an American classic: cherry.

Learn how to make your own pie-shaped potholder below!


  • Tan and red wool felt (Color might change depending on what kinda of pie you’re making)
  • Circular potholder (can be any color)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric glue
  • Pins
  • Marker


  1. Using your marker, outline your potholder onto your tan felt. Use fabric scissors to cut a wavy pie crust design around the outlined potholder.
  2. Then, pin your wavy circle to another piece of tan felt and cut a slightly bigger wavy circle out of the felt. Take the smaller wavy circle and cut out the inside about 1″ in from the outside edge to create your pie crust.
  3. Cut a circle out of your red felt (or your other color choice depending on your pie) that is just big enough to fit under your top pie crust layer and then cut six 1/2″ wide strips which will be used as your pie lattice top.
  4. Weave the lattice pieces over the red circle and use some fabric glue to tack into place.
  5. Sew each strip of your lattice top to the red circle and trim any lattice edges that hang over the circle edge.
  6. Glue the red circle felt to the middle of your larger wavy circle and then glue the smaller pie crust on top.
  7. Allow the glue to set and then sew around the edge closest to the pie filling and the outside wavy edge to secure.
  8. Using your fabric glue, secure your pie topper onto the top side of your round oven mitt and it’s ready for Pi Day!

Inspiration adapted from @abeautifulmess.