The start of the New Year is always a great time to get organized. Whether it’s cleaning out closets or jotting down your to-dos in a shiny, new planner, there’s something about the first couple weeks of January that makes us feel compelled to get our ducks in a row and of course we’re going to do it in the cutest way possible! Zipper pouches are great for their versatility because you can store whatever you’d like in them. From pens to craft supplies or perhaps even fill it with items for an emergency kit for your purse — the possibilities are endless!

Learn how to make your own custom zipper pouch below and share your creations with the hashtag #CreatewithSpringsCreative



  • ¼ yard of fabric and lining
  • (1) 9″ zipper
  • Sewing machine



  • (2) 6×10 fabric
  • (2) 6×10 lining
  • (2) 2×2 lining

Zipper and Zipper Tab

Fold 2″ squares in half and press.

Open the fabric and fold the edges into the center fold line and press again.

Fold in half again and press.

Trim zipper to measure 9″ from end to end. Never iron a zipper — it will melt the nylon!

Cover the ends of the zipper with the tabs and topstitch in place.

Pouch Assembly

1. Lay the lining piece with right side facing down and the pouch fabric facing up.

2. Place the zipper face down along the top edge of one of the fabric/lining pieces and pin in place. Open the zipper half way.

3. Use a zipper foot and stitch along the edge of the zipper move the zipper pull as you get close to it so you can stitch straight and close to the edge of the zipper.

4. Finger press the fabric back from the zipper opening and pin in place.

5. Place the zipper/fabric piece face down along the top edge of the remaining fabric/lining and pin in place.

6. Stitch along the edge as you did before.

7. Topstitch the fabric along the zipper edge to keep the fabric from catching in your zipper.

8. Fold in half with lining facing outward and pin around the side and bottom edges.


9. Sew around the sides and bottom, make sure the zipper is open so you can turn the pouch inside out after sewing.

10. Trim raw edges with pinking shears. Pinking shears are a great way from keeping your material from fraying.

11. Fold the corners to form a point, matching the side seam and the bottom seam. Measure in 1 ½” and mark a line across. Stitch on the line and trim off the excess corner with the pinking shears.


12. Turn bag inside out and fill with your favorite treasures.