Let me start off by saying that these ornaments look way harder than they actually are. I would get intimidated by them whenever they scrolled by on Pinterest, but a 30-minute YouTube tutorial later and I felt ready to take them on!

This is the perfect DIY to do while watching TV or hanging out with friends that just want to craft and chat because this project doesn’t require much concentration! Not to mention, not too many supplies, which we love!



  • 3” styrofoam balls
  • About 210 dressmaker pins per ornament
  • 2.5” squares of fabric (16 of outer pattern, 16 of middle pattern, eight of center pattern)
  • Ribbon


1. Once you’ve decided on the order in which you want to display your fabrics, start by taking a piece of your chosen center fabric and fold into quarters, pressing tightly to develop a crease.

2. Place a pin through the center point of back side of your fabric and pin into your ball.

3. Fold the fabric over (towards you) and creating a triangle, fold a top corner of the fabric down and pin at the inner and outer point. Repeat for the other top corner.

14. Now move to the opposite side of this piece and repeat steps 1-3, placing your pin as close as possible to the point of your first fabric. *An important note is to always work in opposites when placing fabric on the ball. It helps to line up your triangles easier*

5. Finish the center by filling in the quadrants using steps 1-4.

26. Taking your chosen middle fabric, repeat steps 1 and 2, placing your pin just a half inch down from the center of your first fabric.

7. Repeat steps 3 and 4. Be sure to keep your folds in line as you go.

8. Filling in the other four sides, repeat steps 1-4.

39. Take your outer fabric and repeat steps 1-4, placing the pin just a half inch down from the center of your middle fabric.

10. Repeat steps 3 and 4, keeping your folds in line.

11. Filling in the other four sides, repeat steps 1-4.

12. Once your top half is done, follow the exact same steps for the opposite side. It is important to center your first fabric as close as possible with the opposite side.

13. Once you’ve filled out your ornament ball on both sides, take your ribbon of choice and measure the circumference of your ornament, making sure your ribbon is wide enough to cover the middle row of pins.

14. Cutting another piece of ribbon, make a loop and knot it and then take this piece for hanging the ornament and loop it through your ribbon that will go around your ornament and then pin the ribbon to the ornament.

15. Hang on your Christmas tree and enjoy!

For more visual learners, check out this YouTube tutorial that I followed!