MLP_organizerThe My Little Pony television series is a huge hit with kids everywhere. Our My Little Pony fabric can be used for many different crafts. One idea for using this fabric is a  back seat organizer. Keep your My Little Pony and other toys organized with this simple craft.


Supplies and Tools:

  • 1 yd My Little Pony Ombre Toss cotton fabric
  • 2 pks 1/4″ bias tape
  • 1-1/2 yds 1″ wide elastic
  • 1 yd low-loft double sided fusible fleece
  • Basic sewing supplies & sewing machine

Directions: Seam allowances are 1/4″.


  •    Two 27″x12″ from fabric (front and back panels)
  • One 27″x12″ from the fusible fleece (interfacing)
  • One 30″ strip of elastic (bottom)
  • One 18″ strip of elastic (top)
  • One 15″x14″ from fabric (organizer pocket)
  • Two 12″x11″ from fabric (tablet pocket)
  • Two 5″ squares from fabric (corner pockets)
  • One 12″x11″ from the fusible fleece (tablet pocket)


  1. Sandwich the fusible fleece between the front and back panels, wrong sides together, matching raw edges and press in place.
  2. Trace the handle template located on the back page onto the panel 2″ in from the sides and top. Cut out the handles, following the traced lines, and sew the bias tape around the inside perimeter of the opening.
  3. Draw a line 14-1/2″ down from the top on the front (tablet pocket) and draw another line 4″ up from the bottom (organizer pocket).
  4. Fold the organizer pocket in half along the 15″ side and press.
  5. Box pleat – Measure 4″ in on the left side of the organizer pocket and draw a line (fold line). Measure 1-1/2″ over from fold line and draw line (centerline). Measure 1-1/2″ over from the centerline and draw a line (fold line). Fold the two fold lines in toward the centerline and press in place. Stitch across the bottom of the pleat to hold in place.
  6. Place raw edge of the organizer pocket along the 4″ line with folded edge toward bottom and stitch in place along raw edge. Fold pocket up, press and baste side seams. Measure 2-1/2″ over from the pleat and stitch a seam line from top of pocket to the bottom to create two pockets.
  7. Sandwich the fusible fleece between the front and back tablet pockets, wrong sides together, matching raw edges and press in place.
  8. Trace a line 1-1/2″ in from the top and bottom. Trace a line 2″ in on each of the sides (window). Cut through all layers of fabric to create the tablet window.
  9. Bind inside window, top and bottom of the tablet organizer.
  10. Fold the corner pockets in half to create a triangle and press. Place corner pockets matching raw edges to the back of the tablet pocket (you will see a portion of the pocket on the front) and stitch in place. Stitch another seam 1-1/2″ in on each side.
  11. Pin the tablet pocket 1″ in from the handle at the top of the panel and stitch around both sides and across the bottom.
  12. Place the 18″ strip of elastic 3″ in from each side at the top of the organizer pocket and stitch in place.
  13. Place the 30″ strip of elastic on the sides 1-1/2″ up from the bottom and stitch in place.
  14. Stitch the binding around the outside perimeter making sure to catch the elastic (stitch around perimeter again to reinforce the pockets and elastic).