20142708 7Some crafts are complicated and require extensive time, energy, supplies and know-how. Other crafts require a medium amount of talent, resources, and devotion. Still other crafts, require next to zero time, resources, and raw talent. This simple “how-to” is the latter. Requiring less than two hours and no sewing, this “countdown to spring” fabric chain is perfect to make with kids. Here it is pictured using Jenny Eliza fabric, from Jennifer Paganelli, but any fabric you have on hand can work. Reminiscent of spring, this fabric is perfect for a spring countdown. However, any future event can be the theme of the countdown. Also, you can make this chain a count up; for example, counting up the days a child has not been late to school, not gotten a time-out, not wet the bed, etc.

• 1/4 yard of 6 assorted printed cottons
• 2 packages of 2” wide Stitch Withcery®
• Wavy rotary cutter, ruler and mat
• Iron & ironing suface
• Stapler & staples

1. Cut all of the fabric into strips of 2 ½” x 42”.
2. Cut Stitch Witchery® 42” long strips.
3. Place 2 fabric strips wrong sides together and sandwich a piece of Stitch Witchery® in the center, press following manufactures instructions.
4. Trim the strips into pieces 2” wide x 10” long, loop together and staple each loop until at desired length.
5. These are very versatile. Remove the staples and  put them back together in a new design or add new prints as desired.