Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.37.09 PMRecently, we came across this touching video, written by Tom Rinaldi, on of 9/11 hero, Welles Crowther. As a young boy, Welles father gave him a red bandana to carry with him. He continued to carry it as he played high school football and served as a junior firefighter. After college, Welles became a firefighter in New York City.

On 9/11, Welles was one of the courageous civil servants who saved many lives on this tragic day. Not only did he rush into the burning towers, but he also went above and beyond, rushing back to rescue victims multiple times.In total, Welles saved 12 lives.

In this touching video Welles parents and those he survived testify to his heroism and courage. When survivors shared their experience of 9/11 there was mention of a man in a red bandana, valiantly rescuing the victims from the burning building. When Welles parents heard this story, they immediately knew the man was there son.

While Welles did not make it, his memory lives on in the lives of those he saved. In honor of this courageous man, Welles friend wore a red bandana as he competed in the winter olympics. At Boston College there is an annual Red Bandana run, where each participant wears a red bandana in Welles’ honor. Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.29.51 AM

In this case a bandana is a reminder of bravery and sacrifice. In other cases it serves a handkerchief to wipe a child’s tear, an integral part of a cowboy costume, or a decorative headband on a hot day at summer camp.

Recently, Springs Creative acquired Carolina Creative Products (formerly Carolina Manufacturing), a bandana manufacturing company in Greenville, SC. We are honored to be a part of this timeless tradition and excited to bring our own creativity to this market. There are so many uses for bandanas think blankets, quilts, crafts, and more) and we can’t wait to start bringing our ideas to you.

We will surely remember the selfless “man in the red bandana” everytime we make red bandanas, and on today especially. We hope you do the same.