This Minnie Mouse eye mask is the perfect craft for a Minnie Mouse sleepover party favor! Give one to all of your party guests, or make one just for the birthday girl! This fabric is available at your local Hancock Fabrics!

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium (For hints on what level is right for you, click here.)


Seam allowance is 1/4″ seams unless otherwise indicated.


Trace the eye mask template to the size indicated and cut out.

Flannel fabric: Two 9″x5″ pieces

Batting: One 9″x5″ piece

Elastic: One 14″ piece


Eye Mask:

  1. Place one of the 9″x5″ fabric pieces right side up on top of the 9″x5″ batting and stitch lines 1/2″ apart in both directions from corner to corner.
  2. Trace the template on the quilted fabric and the 9″x5″ flannel fabric. Cut out.
  3. Position the eye mask band in the center on each side of the quilted fabric and baste in place.
  4. Place both fabric’s right sides together and stitch around perimeter, leaving a 3″ opening for turning. Clip around curves and turn.
  5. Press the fabric in and top stitch 1/8″ in around outside perimeter.

Eye Mask