This sleep roll (a fancy name for a pillow) is a perfect gift to make for the birthday girl. This Minnie Mouse fabric is available at Hancock Fabrics.

Supplies and Tools:

  • 1-1/2 yards Minnie Faces and Flowers Toss Fleece
  • 10” coordinating solid color fleece 59/60 width
  • 1/2 yard of ribbon
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


  1. Cut the selvage off both ends of the fleece.
  2. Fold the coordinating fleece in half over the width of the Minnie Mouse fleece and sew a zigzag stitch across the width – cuff.
  3. Fold the fleece in half along the short side, right sides together and stitch across the bottom and halfway up the open side making sure that the cuff is at the top.
  4. Roll it up and tie a ribbon on each end of the roll and you are ready to go!