What an adorable accent piece! This is a perfect project for those who have intermediate sewing experience but can easily be a good project for those looking to expand their skills. Have extra fabric in your craft room? Great! Followed any of our bedding set patterns and have some scraps leftover? Even better! Use your fabric pieces or buy quilting fabric to bring this beautiful pinwheel pillow to life!


Traverse into your crafting closet or local craft store to find the following materials:

  • 16” round pillow form
  • One (1) covered button measuring 1/8”
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Six (6) pieces of fabric in varying patterns that measure 1/8 yard
  • ½ yard of solid cotton or canvas

*Leave ¼” seam allowance
*WOF = Width of Fabric

You’ll want to start by cutting the materials.

  • Strip Set: Two (2) pieces from each of the 6 fabrics that measure 2” x WOF
  • Pillow Front: One (1) 18” circle from the solid cotton or canvas
  • Pillow Back: Two (2) 18” circles from the print
  • Gusset: Two (2) pieces that measure 3” x WOF (cut from print)

After you’ve got your materials cut and ready to go, you’ll want to create your strip set for the pillow as shown in the image.

From this strip set, cut 8 wedges 4 ½” at the bottom and 1” from the top.

Press the sides of the wedges under by 3/8” and arrange them on the circle pillow front overlapping ½” in the center. Pillow Wedge shape

Turn under the center of each wedge. Pin and topstitch along the sides of the wedges. This creates your pillow top!

Take your two gussets and stitch them together along the 3” side. Fold one end back and pin in place (make sure wrong sides are facing).

Using your gusset and pillow top (with the right sides facing each other), stitch the gusset along the pillow top. You’ll stitch all the way around twice. When you reach the beginning, keep stitching about 2” extra for added reinforcement.

With right sides together, pin the gusset to the pillow top. *Tip: For an easier experience, mark a pin at every ¾” along the pillow top. While sewing along the pillow top, remember not to sew the pins!

Using the 2 back pillow circles, cut off 6” around each one. Fold the side over 3/8”, press and stitch in place. Layer the two back pillow circles on top of each other and stitch around at ¼”. Attach this to the gusset with right sides facing each other. Stitch around once more to reinforce.

Turn right side out and then insert the pillow form. You’re almost done! There’s one more step!

Attach the button to the pillow top with about 16” of sewing thread or floss. Go in through the pillow form and up again through the back up the button shank, then once more through the pillow form. Tie securely.