Ashlyn Beck, new Springmaid line designer, circa 1990’s.

SpringMaid-3 copy

Some prints from the new Springmaid- Adele collection.

With a 90-year heritage that is rich in tradition and quality, Springmaid holds a strong place as one of Springs Creative flagship licensing brand – a brand on which our company was founded and a brand that consumers today continue to recognize and trust.

Nine decades ago we planted the seeds of a brand that was simple, unpretentious and trustworthy. With strong roots, it retains those traits today and into the future.

Springmaid Home Décor was relaunched in the Target stores in 2008 with the lead designer Ashlyn Beck. We are now excited to have Ashlyn working with us on the new Springmaid fabric line! We sat down with Ashlyn to ask her a few questions about her new designs for Springmaid.

When did you start designing?

I’ve always been an artist. As a child, I spent a lot of time outdoors with my sketch books and paints. When I was in highschool, I became really interested in photography, fashion and textiles. My first job in textile design was as a freelance artist at Springs Global.

 Where did you get the inspiration for the new Springmaid line? 

The inspiration for Springmaid Designs was partly from Springs Creative’s Baxter Mill archive collections. We have over 400,00 antique documents in house. I also am inspired by artisan looks, retailers with a whimsical flair, as well as flea markets and vintage shops.

SpringMaid copyWhat do you love about designing and what do you find challenging?

I loved being able to design whatever I wanted to, without being put into a box. I had the freedom to “dive” into the Baxter Mill Archives and decide what I wanted each collection to look like. It was fun to create something new from these timeless prints. While working with the archives was the most exciting part, it also was the most challenging. Once the ideas are pulled, I then have to redraw the design elements, create repeats, and apply color according to the current trends. The whole design process made me fall in love with creating the Springmaid line all over again!

Some prints from the new Springmaid collection.

Some prints from the new Springmaid collection.

What do you specifically love about the new Springmaid line?

I love the retro feel of the collections, they offer the consumer a vintage/modern line of quality fabrics for quilting, home décor, apparel…really any kind of sewing and craft projects.

What do you want consumers to know/notice about this new line?

I want them to notice the aesthetics of the designs are simple and timeless, with a richness in Southern heritage. I like to think buying Springmaid fabrics is like buying a bouquet of flowers for your home. Everytime you walk into your house and see your Springmaid collection…it makes you smile! The designs are made to live in your home forever!.