bladeDespite the fact that I work at a textile company, specializing in a variety of products and especially quilting fabric, I have somehow managed to avoid learning to sew. Until now.

Yesterday I started my first quilt, as part of the Open Hearts, the official Springs Creative Quilts of Valor quilting group.

I have been reluctant to learn to sew since the misshapen pillow incident of 1999, when I tried to make a pillow and ended up sewing my hair into what turned out to be a misshapen lump with cotton in the middle.

However, I figured I am now older and wiser (?) and it is time to get back on the sewing horse. So with resolve (and the help of a very talented and patient coworker) I began my first quilt. We picked out a simple pattern, some of our best fabrics, and began cutting.Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.17.27 PM

And let me tell you, cutting is way harder than you might think. I’m not usually a detail oriented person, so making sure each square was the right size, and each strip even, was a challenge. However, after learning to push the rotary forward and down, instead of forward and up (which of course was my first inclination), I think I’ve mastered the art of cutting strips!

Stay tuned for my next lesson, where I will learn to… do whatever is the next step to making a quilt!