shutterstock_145488799We asked our Facebook fans and fabric lovers out there to tell us who taught them to sew, and you guessed it, most of them answered “Mom!” In honor of Mother’s Day, here are a few of the best answers!

“My mother did. As a child in the 60s I made all my (hippie) clothes. But when I got married, I didn’t sew much at all. Now that I’m retired, I’m getting into quilting, and I love it! I have my mother’s old, black Singer sewing machine, too!
” ~ Lu Ann Diener Hammon

“Our Mom taught us 3 kids to sew, we’d often be looking over her shoulder watching her. She made all our clothes til we were in middle school (back in the 60’s).” Jennifer Essad

“Mom, of course! When I had to take sewing in school, I was one of two girls allowed to use the new ‘computerized’ sewing machines because we could be trusted to use them properly. When the teacher had me cut my first skirt too short, Mom had a fit, but managed to fix it! She made ALL our clothes when we were little to save money.” ~ Nancy McEnanly

shutterstock_85496710“My Mother taught me to sew, knit, and crochet when I was about six. She was patient and appreciated my early failures. With a positive environment to keep trying, I learned to sew doll clothes when under ten years of age. Now, I celebrate my Mother’s efforts by sewing for family, friends, and charity. The newborn charity gives me an outlet for my skills. The longest seam I can relate to sewing is a volleyball net repair. That was 32 feet of stitches. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me to sew.
” ~ Mary Ann Cox

My mother first started teaching me hand sewing just after I turned two and a half. She and my grandmother taught me to use a sewing machine when I was three. I’d sit on their laps, I would thread the machine, they would operate the knee pedal, and I would guide the fabric. The first thing I machined was a kerchief. Mother said about the only thing I would sit still for was sewing. I taught both my sons to sew.” ~ Susan Depping

Momma taught me to sew, knit,crochet embroidery, plus a love for crafts as a toddler. I don’t have any memories that don’t include a needle and thread. My first garment was a shift dress at age 6. My gramma was a seamstress and made hats too. She would send me buttons and scraps which I still treasure today. Sewing is just my life. I am comforted by the memories of my Momma when I use the gifts she taught me. Thanks Momma!” ~ Karen L. Calkins

“My grandmother taught me how to sew. She did all of her piecing in her lap. When she was teaching me it was all about that is wrong and she would take it apart. I do love my hand piecing and I do all of mine in my lap also.
” ~ Guwanda Tatum 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! And thank you!