The new class of young professionals are taking their career goals into their own hands. Now more than ever the doors that were once closed or didn’t even exists are opening up and paving the way for new innovative and talented young leaders.  Meet Savannah Ray, a Graphic Design Major at Winthrop University.  Savannah is currently in her junior year and at 19 has already made a name for herself in the textile design industry here at Springs Creative.   Get to know Savannah below.


What are you most passionate about learning — personally or professionally — and why?

I am most passionate about learning the field of graphic design and what it really means to communicate visually through it. I find it fascinating that everywhere you look there are aspects of visual communication. In studying graphic design, I have become aware of just how important graphic designers are in day to day life. From the notepad you right in, to street signs, and even the websites kids surf, everything is designed. What’s even more fascinating is that the concept of visual communication or rather the expression of visual communication is one of the oldest professions.

Can you walk me through the impact of a project that you worked on in a previous role?

One project that has affected me was the project I did last year for my Graphic Arts Production Practices class at Winthrop University. Taking this class provided me the opportunity to take a tour of Springs Creative and realized this is a place I would love to work. The project was a campaign project and we had to choose a local business to rebrand, this included the logo, advertisements and even some merchandise options like t-shirts or stickers. For this project I actually emailed several small businesses in the Rock Hill, SC area to see if anyone was interested in participating in the project. I received emails back from several different small businesses and I started a dialog with each. This helped me to put into perspective that it isn’t just the designs that make a designer good, they have to be able to sell themselves and have the work ethic and personality to back it up. After choosing the business I wanted pursue, I set up a meeting with the owner. Although he didn’t want his logo redesigned he was excited to see what I had come up with. This project provided me with a real life design experience and also gave me quality elements to put in my portfolio. The very portfolio I showed Springs when applying for the internship that I now currently hold.

In what ways would you like to create value as an intern?

I would like to show people that I have the drive to get the job done and that they can count on me. In this position I would like to create value and contribute to ideas. I work with the Textile Design Department which not only caters to my passion for art but I also work with the Marketing Team as a Graphic Designer, and in both of these positions I hope to bring value to the company.

 Why did you pick your major?

The moment I decided to become a Graphic Design Major was the first day of my first design class. I picked my major because I love art and design. Luckily, graphic design melded the two. When I was in high school I wanted to be an Artist but as time went on I realized that there weren’t as many options for Artists and that propelled me to into looking into different aspects of art. I took several design classes at a technical school and at the end of my senior year I was named Design Student of the Year! I just felt at home, and I still love it to this day.

How would your best friend describe you?

My best friend would describe me as someone who has a strong work ethic and strong moral. Someone who you can count on and trust when you are in a pinch. A person who would drop everything she was doing to help a friend. They would also say that I am passionate and that I care about everyone around me.