Winter is on the way, so get snuggly! If you completed our accompanying pillow case project, you can expect this DIY bedding craft to be just as easy. This craft is only sized to work with twin-size beds, so use caution if you’re attempting to make this for anything larger. For the kids, though, this will be an ideal project to complete a bedroom set. If you’re going with the Frozen theme, try out other characters and patterns for a super snowy effect!

Mapped - Bedroom3_fleece

The material list is short, so you’ll only need one trip to the fabric store. Make sure to have the following

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • 5 yards of fleece fabric (Pattern A)
  • 5 yards of fleece fabric (Pattern B)

*Leave ¾” seam allowance


Before you begin, make sure that your sewing machine is set on the widest and longest setting for a zig-zag stitch.

Place right sides of fabric together and, using the ¾” seam allowance, stitch together all sides of fabric. Make sure to leave a 12” gap of unstitched fabric so you can turn it out.

Turn the fabric right-side out. Fold in the raw edges of the opening and pin in place, still observing the ¾” seam allowance. Close the opening by using a whip stitch.

There you go! This bed topper is a comfy addition to your child’s bed set to keep them warm during cold nights. Pair it with the additional bedding set craft projects or do this craft solo for a comfy blanket your kid can snuggle up with while watching a favorite holiday movie.