Finally! A solution for the woeful problem we all experience at some point in our adult lives: last-minute gift giving. Whether it be for a birthday party, a dinner, a random gathering for which you didn’t make a casserole, here is a simple, elegant answer for that oh-my-gosh-no-gift moment when you’re in a pinch. Winebottlebag

If you’re a big crafter, this project will be easy to prepare for as you might have fabric already in your home! In choosing the fabric, you can let your creativity run wild. Choose coordinating (or uncoordinating) fabrics and thread based on the gift recipient or yourself. It’s a great way to be fun with color and patterns!

You’ll need the following items:

  • ½ yard of fabric for the exterior – should be light- to mid-weight cotton
  • ½ yard of fabric for the interior and tie – should be light- to mid-weight cotton
  • 1 spool thread
  • Ribbon or cord (optional for tie if you don’t want to use fabric)
  • 1 bottle wine (because all wine bottle covers need a wine to cover!)

**Note: The pattern does allow for a 3/8” seam allowance, so no need to cut outside of the suggested measurements.**

First, you’ll need to cut the materials. You’ll want to cut a 15” square out from each of the interior and exterior fabrics. With some of the extra interior fabric, you’ll also need to cut out a rectangle measuring 3” x 35” (this will be used for the tie).

So far, so easy.

To construct the body of the bag, place right sides of exterior together and stitch along the bottom and sides. Don’t turn this right side out yet!

Do the same for the interior fabric.

Now you’ve got to make the bottom of the bag. You do that by taking the interior fabric and pulling the fabric out like wings in opposite directions. It should form something similar to a triangle with the bottom seaming going from top to bottom with the “wings” on the sides. It should look like a rectangle with triangle-shaped wings on either side.

Lay this flat on your work surface and measure 3 ½” down from the tip of the triangle along the center seam. Mark this with a fabric pen or chalk. Using that mark, you can make a triangle with the corner of the fabric. Stitch along that line and repeat on the bottom.

Trim about ¼” along the seam. Press only the side seam open. Don’t reverse it yet! Set this aside for later use.

Do the same with the exterior fabric but do turn the fabric right side out and press the side seam open.

To finish the top edges of the bag, fold in the fabric about ½” with the wrong sides facing together and press. You’ll do this for both the interior and exterior fabrics.

To attach the lining to the exterior you’ll need to line up the seams and the lined-up ironed edges. Slip the interior fabric (still inside out) into the exterior. You should have all seams on the side. Pin this together and stitch around the top edge.

To make the tie, you’ll fold together the wrong sides of the interior fabric (cut in earlier step) and stitch the ends and one short side together. After that’s done, turn it right side out. Fold in about ½” from the end and stitch together to close the end. Press.

Measure about 3” down from the long side to get placement for the tie. Pin the tie at the 3” mark and then stitch the tie to the bag.

Fun Tip: Use a decorative stitch like a zig-zag pattern on your sewing machine for an added flair!

You can press the bag lightly for a crisp, finished look.

When it’s done, put in your favorite bottle of wine and never feel crushed by the weight of last-minute gift giving again!